Roxy Paine e Meg Webster a Villa Panza | Thanks to...
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e Collezione Panza

JTI The exhibition project has been supported by JTI (Japan Tobacco International), institutional partner of Villa e Collezione Panza, with which the Foundation started a long-time co-operation aimed to promote and appraise the cultural activities of Villa e Collezione Panza; thus ensuring to a wider public to enjoy this extraordinary property.

Con il Patrocinio di

Patrocini The event is being staged under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Lombardy Region, the Province of Varese, Varese City Council and Expo Milano 2015.

Gran Tour Expo The exhibition takes part to the project "Grand Tour Expo nelle prestigiose location della terra dei laghi"

Sponsor tecnico

Elmec - sun power Elmec Solar Sunpower is the exhibition's techincal partner

Si ringrazia

Hotel Europa - Varese

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Info e orari

Info e orari





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